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get_real_ip = ( request: ILRequest ): string

Retrieves the real IP address from the request object.


Name Type Description
request any The request object containing the headers and socket information.

Returns: The real IP address as a string.


blacklist_ip = ( ip_addr: string, duration: number )

Add an IP address to blacklist


  • ip_addr - The IP to blacklist
  • duration - Time in millis of the blacklist

Returns: ``


blacklist_ip_list = ()

Retrieves a list of blacklisted IP addresses along with their corresponding dates.

Returns: An array of objects containing the IP address and date of each blacklisted IP.


applySettings = ( _settings: DefenderSettings )

Changes Defender's settings

Returns: ``

const Defender

const Defender = ( request: ILRequest, response: ILResponse, next: any )

Middleware function that acts as a defender against suspicious requests. It checks for blacklisted IP addresses and suspicious URL fragments. If an IP address is blacklisted, it returns a 403 response. If a suspicious URL fragment is found, it handles the request accordingly.


Name Type Description
request any The incoming request object.
response any The outgoing response object.
next any The next middleware function in the chain.

Returns: ``


add_suspicious_activity = ( request: ILRequest, response: ILResponse, message: string ): boolean

add a new suspicious activity to the log if it returns true, it means that ip reached threshold

Returns: ``