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Welcome to LiWE Framework

This is the offical home page of LiWE Framework.

LiWE is mainly two things:

  1. A set of tools for documenting and developing software strcutures and applications.
  2. A very opinionated framework (at the moment for Node.js and React.js) that is designed to be as simple as possible and to solve the most common problems developers face everyday.

At the moment, framework is divided mainly in these parts:

  • LiWE Flow - this is the visual designer tool that helps you create the basic foundations of your application
  • NodeJS Framework - this is responsible for the NodeJS environment and the core of the framework for backend applications
  • NextJS Framework - this part covers the React component library and the framework for frontend, currently built on top of NextJS
  • Tools - A collection of tools that are used by the framework and the applications
Modular frawework

Although the framework is huge and contains a lot of features, it has been designed to be as modular as possible and to allow you (the developer) to cherry pick the features you need, if you don't want the whole experience. The fastest way to go from zero to something is to use the framework in its complete form and start developing.


This is a work in progress.

Please, use the left menu to navigate the documentation.